• P2S Commissioning
    At P2S Cx, we design and assess building performance to confirm that your project building will operate as intended. We also identify the most efficient method to sustain operational efficiency.

  • Building Value and Lowering Costs with Commissioning
    With extensive experience and qualifications in building systems and designs, the The P2S Cx team Team has extensive experience and qualifications in building systems and designs. Leveraging this experience, we will work in partnership with the owner , from pre-design to post occupancy.

  • The Importance of Commissioning
    Commissioning is the best way for allows building owners and managers to improve and maximize system efficiency and performance while reducing operational costs—for both new and existing buildings, as well as and renewable energy systems.


P2S Cx has been successful in helping many clients achieve LEED certification by following guidelines, scope and terminology. Commissioning is a prerequisite process for any LEED Project.

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CALGreen Cx

Complies with the guidelines and scope in the California Building Code (CALGreen), which requires the commissioning of new building construction.

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