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P2S Commissioning provides services for both new and existing buildings. Verifying building performance is essential for each phase of the design, construction and operating process. With the diverse nature of design and systems within new and existing buildings, different types of buildings require custom-tailored Cx processes. From energy projects that require MBCx or PV Cx, to new construction projects with new and state-of-the-art systems, commissioning the building and its systems assures performance optimization.

The ideal commissioning service for a specific application or building depends on a variety of factors. By leveraging experience in both commissioning and engineering, P2S will help you identify the best option to meet your requirements.

Commissioning under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification system employs the same philosophy and tasks performed under non-LEED-certified new or existing building commissioning projects; however, there is a slightly different terminology and scope breakdown. Proper documentation and uploading to the U.S. Green Building Council is required for LEED projects to document and obtain credit for performing the commissioning (Fundamental and Enhanced EA Credits). Under the certification system there are multiple paths that a project can take, depending on whether the building is new (New Construction and Major Renovation) or existing (Operation and Maintenance).


This is a post-construction cursory review and designed to identify and correct designs that deviated from the original intent and specifications, usually by making low-cost operational changes as needed.

This approach is also useful for existing buildings with evolving operational problems that require adjustments, or with on-going service and repairs that haven’t been addressed properly.

How do you ensure compliance to CALGreen code? New buildings must employ environmentally advanced building practices that decrease waste, reduce water consumption, improve indoor environmental quality and conserve resources. CALGreen code also requires thorough commissioning during design and construction phases for all buildings 10,000 sq. ft. and larger. CALGreen is the most aggressive statewide green-building code in the country, which requires the commissioning of these buildings.

The CALGreen code is “designed to create a uniform standard of minimum mandatory green building regulations,” says Kent Peterson, Vice President and Chief Engineer of P2S. “CALGreen encourages the development of more sustainable communities by reducing wasteful use of natural resources and improving performance in every new home, office building or public structure.”

The systems affected by CALGreen include all systems currently covered by the California Energy Code, as well as process equipment, controls and renewable energy systems. At P2S we are well-versed in CALGreen goals and objectives. We are working with several clients on CALGreen code compliance.



Monitoring-based commissioning is a more intensive form of Retro-Cx.  Emphasis is placed on establishing a baseline using data collection and analysis from real system operation.

MBCx identifies actual operating conditions and uncovers problem areas that affect operational efficiencies and costs. This often requires additional electrical sensors for providing sufficient critical data to more accurately assess the system.

Whole Building Commissioning (WBCx) validates all building systems during construction, Systems may include: building envelope, technology infrastructure, any alarm, paging or alert notification systems (such as Code Blue), audio/visual presentation systems or any other operating system within the building. In short, anything affecting the building performance, occupant comfort or user services within a building are part of Whole Building Commissioning. This all-inclusive version of building commissioning is also known as Total Building Commissioning (TBCx). Many complex facilities, such as airports and hospitals, now embrace WBCx as the preferred commissioning methodology.

Over time, even properly commissioned buildings are subject to performance degradation. On-going commissioning (aka re-commissioning) provides monitoring programs and strategic maintenance plans. This way, building performance is continuously addressed and potential problems are identified ahead of the normal deterioration cycle. This ensures optimal performance throughout the building’s life cycle.

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