Systems We Commission

Systems We Commission

P2S commissions virtually any type of system. We provide a full suite of building commissioning and systems commissioning services. The type of commissioning required varies based on the particular goals and specifics of a project. To be sure, all building systems can be commissioned, however those systems that impact environmental quality, resource consumption and personal safety are most important.

HVAC&R (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, & Refrigeration)

•  Central Plants – Operations and Energy Efficiency
•  Air Handling Units
•  Rooftop Air Conditioning Units
•  Indoor Air Quality Ventilation
•  Pumping/Piping Systems
•  Direct Digital Controls Software and Hardware
•  Energy and Water Measurement Devices

Building Envelope

•  Thermal and Moisture Integrity
•  Building Envelope Testing
•  Thermal Imaging and Evaluation

Renewable Energy Systems

•  Solar Photovoltaic (PV Cx)
•  Solar Thermal Hot Water Systems (STHW)

Plumbing Systems

•  Domestic Hot Water Systems
•  Water Filtration / Conditioning Systems
•  Domestic Water Boosters

Lighting Systems

•  Lighting Control
•  Daylight Harvesting
•  Outdoor Lighting Control

Electrical Systems

•  Power Distribution
•  Switchgear
•  Grounding
•  Standby Power Systems

Career Opportunities

Are you looking for a career opportunity of a lifetime? P2S is currently hiring engineers, commissioning agents, and other office positions at both our Long Beach and San Diego locations.

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