What is Commissioning?

What is Commissioning?

The commissioning process is primarily meant to serve as a quality assurance process to verify building systems are designed, built, and operated efficiently while maintaining suitable indoor environment for the building occupants and activities.

The Building Commissioning Association (BCA) defines new building commissioning as, “the basic purpose of building commissioning is to provide documented confirmation that building systems function in compliance with criteria set forth in the Project Documents to satisfy the owner’s operational needs. Commissioning of existing systems may require the development of new functional criteria in order to address the owner’s current systems performance requirements.”

Commissioning for Existing Buildings requires additional investigation and often more involved than new building commissioning. BCA defines this process as: “Commissioning for Existing Buildings (sometimes referred to as retro-commissioning) is a systematic process for investigating, analyzing, and optimizing the performance of building systems by improving their operation and maintenance to ensure their continued performance over time. This process helps make the building systems perform interactively to meet the owner’s current facility requirements.”

Why Commission Building Systems?

Commissioning verifies building systems performance and identifies what actions are needed to achieve optimal performance. As a quality assurance process, commissioning provides a long-term plan for efficient and effective maintenance while maximizing user comfort.

Why is it essential to properly commission building construction projects? Commissioning a building provides essential information necessary to improve building and system life, and to accurately plan and budget for future operations and maintenance. The commissioning agent assists the owner in defining their operation and energy goals, provides review and feedback to the owner and design team at key milestones, and works with the construction team to validate and document system operation.

Commissioning allows building owners and operators to accurately assess the building performance while identifying how the operational, efficiency and functional are meeting the needs of the facility. It not only verifies that projects perform as designed, but also prepares building owners and operators to effectively and efficiently maintain a facility for its service life. P2S Commissioning helps facility owners and managers improve efficiency and maximize energy conservation, enhance occupant comfort, improve maintainability, increase performance and lower operation and maintenance costs.

For new and existing building systems, P2S Commissioning provides commissioning so its clients can gain clarity and accurately determine if design objectives and goals are met. We leverage our experience not only from prior commissioning projects but also from designing and executing facility infrastructure in a wide array of markets. We provide training, tools and strategies to help owners continually improve the performance of their facilities while lowering operating costs.

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